We upcycle and redesign found clothing and accessories to promote community, creativity, and confidence. As a collaborative platform, we partner with other artists and designers to sell their creations on our site and within our community.


We design and recreate exclusive and unique clothing items. Each piece of clothing or accessory has been redesigned in order to embody community, creativity, and confidence.

As a community-based clothing business, we pride ourselves on sustainability and resourcefulness. Supporting Meshed means supporting our environment and producing less waste.


We strongly believe in supporting other artists. Our team gives creators of many backgrounds an opportunity to succeed through both our Meshed Maker and Meshed Rep programs. 


Our goal is to convey our passion for creating and invite you to show your uniqueness as well. When you order a piece from Meshed, you’re not only going to proudly wear your unique item handmade by us, but you’re becoming a part of our adventurous family.


What is Meshed?

Meet the Meshed CEO.



Maddi is the founder and owner of Meshed! She is a designer and Maker based in Grand Rapids, MI. She works to visually capture and create images that contain something that's worth remembering.